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Add or Whisper, Kyte (Or Surbiene), Akassa (or Nebb) or Taymar (or Pellos) in game for more info
Kyte Callenhall / Apr 06, 2012

Great RP Event Last NightThat is all, haha, no, really good work guys. Thanks for all being mature and getting involved, thanks to Rei for coming along and supporting.Mini Events:- Teachings Of EclipseFor the Jedi side of the guild, I'm going to b... Read More

Welcome to The Guardians of Eclipse

The Guardians of Eclipse are an Order of the Republic, a sanctioned thread of the cloth that veils the galaxy in a hope of protecting it.

In the darkest times, We are the light. When the suns are darkened with the fog of war, We will defend the free peoples of the universe. We are the Guardians of Eclipse. Welcome friends. We are a moderate / heavy RP European time zone guild, We welcome you to join us and make your mark!

Find our Character Creation Forums Here.

If you haven't yet had the chance, please sign up and show your support for the Guardians @
Remeber you will be inducted into the guild at Launch if you are signed up on the SWTOR Guild HQ. :]

Find our Guild Recruitment Thread at the Official SW:TOR site, HERE

What We Offer

  • Semi Canon RP - We use a Master / Padawan Learner System, a Military sector and an Elite Mercenary Core based within' the Eclipse Group, We are NOT gonna penalize you if you come up with something new, or something slightly off the mark, in fact, we will invite it and nurture it, we're easy going and will accommodate anyone's play style
  • Ranked Positions within' the guild. Not going all the way up to Grand Master, but High Guardian instead, We answer to the Jedi Council and the true Grand Master.
  • A friendly and accepting group. You may not be able to play at all times. nor be available for certain events, but if it is relative to you and your character, we will do our best to organize the events around a time that everyone is available. Including yourself.
  • A Small and Mature group of RP'ers, PVP'ers and PVE'ers, With RP as our main focus. We will play our way through the story as a group at times, and assist each other when required. Flashpoints & Operations.
  • Your Story matters to us. If we can help you advance your Character, we will in every way possible, through relationships and adventure.

So what are you waiting for. Join The Guardians of Eclipse and fight for the Galactic Republic today!
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